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Archive for January, 2010

Progress Report From the Field

  -January 29th, 2010 @ 3:25 pm

, Area Director of Latin America, and , Director of Mobilization, report what is happening to the Haitian Free Methodist Church just 10 days after being devastated by the earthquake.  Check out what they are doing to help and find out the ways you can help your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Download this Video (right click and choose save as)

Photo Journey

  -January 29th, 2010 @ 8:07 am

Director Dr. and Director of Advancement . are in surveying the damage and making plans to rebuild. Below are some of the pictures of what they saw.

Use of Haiti Relief Funds

  -January 28th, 2010 @ 11:49 am

The FMC has responded spectacularly to the earthquake. Team A has exited with a clear plan toward recovery; Team B is now in doing medical work; and the first Team C is scheduled to enter within a week. Team D’s initial flights were canceled, but new plans have been made to leave for on February 3.

Because the church is responding in such an strong way – with finances and teams, we have added two short-term employees in Indianapolis, one to help speed the funds to Haiti and another to help speed teams and volunteers to Haiti. The note on the FMWM Web site that stated 100% of donated funds will go directly to Haiti has been removed, so we can use some of the newer donations to fund these short-term employees. This seems right and reasonable, but we wanted to alert you to this development.

, Recovery and Development Funds
Funds received for Haiti through the Bishops Famine and Relief Fund, Help Haiti Heal fund and Operation Hope will be used for relief, recovery and development purposes in Haiti. Costs to administer these funds will be held to a minimum. All expenditures will be approved through the FMWM Executive Director, Latin America Area Director and Haitian leadership, according to a budget developed in consultation with the Haitian church. These expenditures will be reported through the FMCNA Chief Financial Officer. Give Now!

Giving to Haiti by the Church Around the World

  -January 28th, 2010 @ 11:44 am

We celebrate the generosity of worldwide Free Methodists as we come alongside our brothers and sisters in .

U.S. Free Methodist Church
As of January 26, $366,682 has been received from U.S. churches through the Help Haiti Heal fund and the Bishops Famine and Relief Fund. This figure will continue to grow as other offerings and gifts reach the FM finance office. Give!

Free Methodists Around the World
Currently, Free Methodist World Missions has received word from the FM church in these countries that an offering for Haiti has or will be taken:
     Hong Kong
     The United Kingdom
     The by lending personnel, trucks,
          fuel and funds for water and food

Praise the Lord for this response! Pray giving will continue in order to support long-term recovery efforts.

Katie Zook Talks From Hospital Bed

  -January 28th, 2010 @ 7:12 am

from Q13 Fox News, Seattle/Tecoma.

Katie Zook is one of the lucky ones who got out alive after the devastating earthquake in . She’s recovering in a Florida hospital and hoping to be back home in Arlington some time soon. It will take time for her body and mind to heal, but her spirit was never broken.

It was a very close call for her. Friends and strangers risked their lives and pulled katie from the wreckage. She was rushed to a hospital at the U.S. embassy in Haiti, then to Guantanamo’s medical clinic, then to Florida – all within 2 days.

“Hello? I see you,” says from her hospital bed near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I reached her by Skype. The 22-year-old is recovering and remembering:

“I remember how dark that dark was when I was trapped,” she says looking off into the distance. “I have never been in dark like that before.”

Exactly two weeks ago, Katie was in Haiti volunteering as a missionary in Port Au Prince when her world crumbled.

“and there was this loud rumble like a jet headed straight for the building,” she remembers, “and then the building started moving.”

She had no idea of the massive devastation around her. Hurt and frantic, her co-worker Jack got out, but Katie did not.

“…and I could hear Jack screaming and every time there was an aftershock I heard everyone in the streets screaming.”

For hours she was one of many trapped under the rubble, curled up in the fetal position in darkness, but then:

“I had enough room around my right arm to grab the bottle and tap it against the table, so Jack could hear the tapping, but when I yelled he couldn’t hear me yelling so I gave up yelling and I just tapped…” she trails off.

The church’s Haitian driver John heard the tapping too, then started praying and digging.

The whole story is available at Q13 Fox News, Seattle/Tecoma.

Update Katie Zook, Jack Munos and Gerthy Desvariste

  -January 27th, 2010 @ 10:33 am

Both Katie Zook and Jack Munos are out of ICU. Jack underwent surgery Tuesday, January 26, to close incisions in his leg. The prognosis for both Katie and Jack is for full recovery.

Gerthy Desvariste – Gerthy’s injured leg is progressing well, and medications are helping manage her pain. Miami Haitian churches are providing visits, clothing for Supt. (who is staying with her) and food for both.

Port-au-Prince Report #5

  -January 27th, 2010 @ 9:33 am

Tuesday evening, January 26, 2010
Report #5
Reported by John Hay, , ICCM Director of Advancement

Free Methodist Haitian Earthquake Response Team #2 concluded its mission on Monday and returned to Santo Domingo, , on Tuesday to brief Team #3. Team #3 makes the seven-hour drive to Port-au-Prince on Wednesday, January 27, with more relief supplies, a well-drilling team, logistics experts and (ICCM) leaders.

The Tuesday evening briefing between the two teams yielded a sobering assessment of conditions in Port-au-Prince. “What you see on TV is not true; it is much worse,” one team member said. Another reflected: “It is so overwhelming, you cannot put words to it.” The team described people living in tent villages on every available open space, calling out for water and food, and afraid to go inside buildings and homes that are still standing.

They also described heroic efforts of rescue and people sharing with each other the food and water they are able to access. An informal economy is beginning to supply essential needs even as the formal economy of the city struggles to come back online. “The people of Port-au-Prince are still in shock,” one team member declared.

Structural engineer inspected ten ICCM schools, along with churches and homes, with the assistance of Haitian ICCM and church leaders. Many schools and FM church facilities will need to be rebuilt in the months and years ahead. The task ahead is immense, but the faith of many in the Haitian Free Methodist Church is strong.

Response Team #2 was also able to restore electricity to the ICCM office so it can serve as a center for helping schools across the country resume classes as soon as feasible.

Team #3 will begin its service on Wednesday, January 27. The team includes well-drillers and . They will attempt to find water that will be a life-giving resource for many. Two team members will focus on logistics for relief and recovery teams going to over the next several months. ICCM Director and ICCM I will work with the Haitian ICCM staff, visiting schools, finding ICCM-sponsored children, and distributing supplies.

VISA Teams Update

  -January 26th, 2010 @ 8:20 am

A medical team left Sat., Jan. 23, for . They have based their ministry out of . , former missionary to Haiti, is coordinating this effort.

A consultant team of professionals will be going into on Wed., Jan. 27. Departure dates from Haiti will vary depending on their tasks. Team members include , newly-appointed missionary to Haiti; and , of ; , retired Army Special Forces; and and who will be drilling wells under the auspices of the U.S. military.

Spring Arbor FMC, MI, is sending a team of 13 to assist with the relief efforts in Haiti, Jan. 31 to Feb. 14. Team leaders are and .

Additional information about VISA teams including how you can participate can be found at

Port-au-Prince Report #4

  -January 26th, 2010 @ 8:11 am

Report #4
Reported from Port-au-Prince, , by Delia Nüesch-Olver on behalf of the second response team
Monday, January 25, 2010

Starting at 6 a.m. today, we divided into two teams. did many inspections of church buildings, schools and pastors’ homes, checking for structural soundness. It was his sad job to tell Superintendent Clovis and their homes are structurally unsafe and have to be torn down immediately to avoid further loss. When Pastor Clovis was informed he simply said: “God knows. God cares. God will provide.” – and continued ministering to other people.

Ken LaBelle has been coaching Pastor George, a Haitian leader, how to do building inspections. My favorite moment of the day was when Ken turned to Pastor George and said: “You do the next inspection.” From then on, Pastor George, a civil engineer, did them with the backing of Ken. He can now continue until more engineers come.

Many people were prayed for after we listened to their stories. Some children are starting to smile.

As we leave Haiti tomorrow, the International Child Care office is almost ready to be used, generators are re-set and working, and tools have been recovered from the FOHO (Friends Of Haiti Organization) building ready to be used by work teams. We also worked on preparing for the Fourth Response Team, arriving from Spring Arbor next Monday.

We are very impressed with the caliber of Jean Marc Zamor, the new Field Coordinator for FMWM Haiti response. Under his leadership, pastors have formed teams to locate church members in the refugee camps and are delivering water and food to many with the resources you send through us.

Give online at:
or send checks to:
     Bishops Famine and Relief Fund
     Free Methodist Church of North America
     PO Box 535002
     Indianapolis IN 46253-5002

Complete a response/registration form for volunteer service in Haiti.

Participate in the Day of Prayer and Fasting for Haiti, January 27, 2010.

Haiti Heartbreak

  -January 25th, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

From Director [PDF]

Life after January 12, 2010
Our sponsored children in the capital of have suffered many trials in their young lives, but troubles and hardships before January 12, 2010 pale in comparison with their reality now. Many have lost parents and siblings, friends, neighbors, and teachers. Almost all have lost their homes. No doubt many are injured and some have even died, their young lives cut short.

Our field coordinator’s report to me yesterday said that of four schools he visited Saturday, three will have to be tom down and rebuilt. He is visiting more today. Now I am on a plane bound for the , from where I will drive with a team into Haiti. We will be eyewitnesses to the devastation, deliver relief money, water filters and play equipment, and attempt to be bearers of mercy and hope.

My own personal loss is compounded because my dear friend Pastor Jeanne Acheson-Munos was killed in the earthquake. She has been a great champion of Haiti for Christ!, serving with her husband Jack as Free Methodist missionaries in Haiti. Jeanne was compelled with the conviction that “the Pearl of the Antilles will shine again!” She loved the Haitian people passionately and genuinely. They and we will miss Jeanne terribly. Our comfort is that she is at home with Jesus, the Lover of her soul, and that is comfort indeed.

Where do we go from here? Up.
This is a critical moment in our relationship with the church in Haiti. How we respond now will set the tone for years, decades, even generations.

ICCM supports children in 53 Free Methodist schools. We will work with the leadership of the church to discern the best way forward. Already many teams from North America and other parts of the world are offering their services to come and rebuild-which is wonderful! Haitian Free Methodist leaders will take the lead in determining our priorities for the rebuilding effort. We are also committed to using as much Haitian labor as possible, for the sake of pride and ownership of the new buildings, as well as choosing not to deprive Haitian workers of much-needed jobs.

The immediate needs are enormous: Food, Water, Shelter, Medicine, Funds to survive. During the Relief phase, we are already working with people who are drilling wells (Clear Blue); we are distributing donated water filters (), and preparing to purchase temporary structures (). I am thankful to be able to report that within 24 hours of the disaster, we sent relief funds with , who went with Bishop Roller to offer help and bring home videotape, to tell their story. When I am in Haiti this week, will discuss means to relieve the suffering of particular families who have experienced crushing blows.

We also are shipping a container of 175,000 donated fortified rice meals through Feed My Starving Children, which will leave the US on January 28 and be distributed through our schools. ICCM Special Projects Fund and Haiti Food Funds are supporting this effort.

Within weeks, we will enter the Rehabilitation phase. Work teams will construct homes, schools and churches, partnering with Haitian Free Methodists. We will need books, uniforms, desks, teachers’ supplies, sewing machines, and other materials. Sponsored children’s families may be able to receive significant resources from their sponsors during this time, to help them get reestablished.

Gradually, we will move into a shared Development phase. ICCM advocates for children and invests in their education so that their future can take a better course than it would have without us. We believe that God wants to raise up Christian citizens and leaders in commerce, education, human services, the arts, government and the Church-for the glory of God and the good of this troubled country. Working with our brothers and sisters, we will watch them not only rebuild their lives, but change their world.

This will be an ambitious undertaking. Our current sponsorship of 8900+ children will need to be matched by significant donations to our Special Projects Fund, creating the infrastructure and leadership development to enhance the churches’ ministry and the children’s lives. Please prayerfully consider a major donation to this fund.

Thank you for your prayers. We have a long road ahead with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. We will take this journey together.

Additional information about International Child Care Ministries can be found at