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As far as we have heard it looks like and have been evacuated and are at Guantanamo Bay.

I’m copying a letter sent from Dan Synder

We are writing with tragic news.

The new collapsed totally. , and his friend Gene who arrived today are all unaccounted for. Erlin who works at FOHO is also unaccounted for. We are not able to do anything more but are trying to get assistance to return to keep looking for them..

Katie Zook was pulled out of the basement after several hours of searching and seems to be ok. She is at the UN hospital with probable pulmonary contusions and possible back injury. Jack Munos was pulled out after 6 hours and probably has a broken hand, broken foot, possible fractured leg. We brought him to the Embassy as the UN refused to let me in with further injured. He is being treated and stabilized here. I am hoping to medivac both of them out in the a.m. The embassy is being exceedingly helpful and it may be we will have marine medivacs available. I THINK IT WOULD BE WISE TO START THE PROCESS OF PLANNING FOR A MEDIVAC USING OUR EVACUATION IMG INSURANCE PROGRAM. I WILL CONTINUE TO SEE IF PAP AIRPORT WILL BE OPEN IN THE A.M. I WILL ALSO CONTINUE TO SEE IF THE EMBASSY WILL BE ABLE TO ASSIST WITH THIS.

All of the Clear Blue team are safe. They had left for Gonaives and returned and are helping still with clearing rubble at FOHO.

Both the U.N. and the Embassy are telling me that they expect civil disorder to erupt. DD and I walked from Vivey Michel to FOHO and there are buildings down everywhere. Phones are out and we will only be able to communicate as the embassy lets us use their system.WE WILL CHECK THE EMAIL AT LEAST IN THE A.M.

Dan, Dee Ann, are not injured.

sustained a laceration to his leg but other than that he and Sherri are OK.

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