From John Hay, Jr @ 10:50 am International Child Care Ministries

We encourage you to continue to “watch and pray” with us for and for ICCM children and staff impacted by Tuesday’s devastating earthquake in .

“We are grateful to God for those in Haiti who are desperately searching and trying to rescue those trapped under rubble and debris,” says ICCM Director Linda Adams. “We’re grateful, also, for all who are responding with resources and mobilization–from individual contributions, churches, and relief agencies to national governments and international assistance.  We pray that world-wide compassion will bring relief, comfort, and, ultimately, recovery for Haiti.”

Due to extreme conditions and disrupted communication lines, we have still not received direct information about ICCM-sponsored children and Haitian staff in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.  Linda Adams and ICCM staff, along with Free Methodist World Missions staff, are continuously trying to make contact and gather helpful information to be able to assist the church in an effective response.

Free Methodist Director of Multi-Media Andy Yardy, representing ICCM and Free Methodist World Missions, flew to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and is now in Haiti on his way to Port-au-Prince today.  He is carrying relief money and water filters to distribute and will work on logistics of a wider response. We hope he will relay news of our loved ones.  Andy is Twittering from “laxglobal” and posting updates, whenever possible, at

Linda Adams was scheduled to fly to Port-au-Prince on Friday, but her flight was canceled.  Her desire is to be in Haiti with our children as soon as possible, however conditions on the ground are prohibitively severe at the moment.

We are responding to this crisis through our Special Projects Fund.  The Free Methodist Church is mobilizing its response resources to be part of what is becoming a global compassionate response.

ICCM will continue to send updates via this special “ICCM Bulletin” to the sponsors and friends for whom we have e-mail addresses.  You may also check our website – – for information and ways you can respond.

Again, please join us in earnest prayer for all who are affected by and responding to this natural disaster.

– John Hay, Jr @ 10:50 am