from Q13 Fox News, Seattle/Tecoma.

Katie Zook is one of the lucky ones who got out alive after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. She’s recovering in a Florida hospital and hoping to be back home in Arlington some time soon. It will take time for her body and mind to heal, but her spirit was never broken.

It was a very close call for her. Friends and strangers risked their lives and pulled katie from the wreckage. She was rushed to a hospital at the U.S. embassy in Haiti, then to Guantanamo’s medical clinic, then to Florida – all within 2 days.

“Hello? I see you,” says from her hospital bed near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I reached her by Skype. The 22-year-old is recovering and remembering:

“I remember how dark that dark was when I was trapped,” she says looking off into the distance. “I have never been in dark like that before.”

Exactly two weeks ago, Katie was in Haiti volunteering as a missionary in Port Au Prince when her world crumbled.

“and there was this loud rumble like a jet headed straight for the building,” she remembers, “and then the building started moving.”

She had no idea of the massive devastation around her. Hurt and frantic, her co-worker Jack got out, but Katie did not.

“…and I could hear Jack screaming and every time there was an aftershock I heard everyone in the streets screaming.”

For hours she was one of many trapped under the rubble, curled up in the fetal position in darkness, but then:

“I had enough room around my right arm to grab the bottle and tap it against the table, so Jack could hear the tapping, but when I yelled he couldn’t hear me yelling so I gave up yelling and I just tapped…” she trails off.

The church’s Haitian driver John heard the tapping too, then started praying and digging.

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