Dear friends,

We continue to receive bits and pieces of reliable information from which we will pass on through Hotline. Please be aware unconfirmed reports and unreliable information are also circulating.

We still do not have a definitive word on the three North American FMs who were on-site in the work-team building in . We continue to pray they will be found alive. Our people on the ground have moved the debris which can be moved by hand and are awaiting excavating equipment. However, it is not expected quickly.

The two injured North American FM missionaries, Jack and Katie, are stable and have been evacuated to Guantanamo Bay by the U.S. government. Others on our team expect to be evacuated to the Dominican Republic. We don’t know when.

We do have a confirmation that our Haitian caretaker, named Erlin, was killed in the earthquake. We will miss his ready smile and request prayer for his wife and son who were not hurt.

I still have no reliable information from our Haitian church leaders. One of our superintendents’ sons has connected via internet but without specific information since he is not in Port-au-Prince.

I preached last Sunday morning to a capacity crowd (2,000 people?) at the Parc Chretien church in Port-au-Prince on our resurrection bodies. I told how there will be continuity between our resurrected body and our earthly body but that there will also be a radical transformation. I eagerly shared from 1 Corinthians 15 Paul’s explanation that just as a seed is transformed into a plant, so our bodies will be transformed into a NEW kind of body in the resurrection. And now I’m glad I did. For some it will have been their last sermon.

We will keep you informed.