Today might be described as frustrating. It Does look that way I flew down here to Santo Domingo to get to to show the story of what is happening with the children in International Child Cares program as well as the people of the Free Methodist church. That story could be being told right now. There were ways and means to get to port hours after I landed. But instead I spent the day in Santo Domingo. I have to admit several times during the day I really swelled with anxiety to be in the middle of the action I saw the TV images and I was wishing I could be helping there in some way right now. But as I go to bed now just miles from Port au Prince on the border with the doctor I know this was not a day to be frustrated about it’s a day to be glad.

Part of being part of a church that is connected around the world is the fact that there are people that are like you’re family everywhere you go the because of these connections I am working with people who know this city and together we were able to get permits to take a car across the boarder, thousands of dollars of medicine for much less and someone who can translate in Haiti. Now, I can cross the boarder in the morning with a joy knowing that I can make a huge difference in peoples lives tomorrow. When I take video I won’t just be another one of the cameras that is beaming shots of deviation to the world then leaving. I will be making a difference and I will be part of a team that is commuted to making a permanent impact on Haiti years after this event is a distant memory.