I fly into Santo Domingo with probably the wave of press. CBS, CBC, CNN they run through the airport with their big tripods and important people. They have helicopters waiting to take them to Port au Prince to be the first to say they were there to see the death and devastation and beam it around the world. I may be on the same plane but I want to tell a different story. Though, I have to admit it worked in my favor at immigration they looked at the camera bag waved me to a press line where they stemmed passports and let us walk outside. If only it were that easy every time.

What’s the story I am looking for it’s the children in the Child Care schools it’s the people from the church it’s the families that just don’t know if there is life after this but are already part of a bigger family around the world.

So, tomorrow, I’m going to work on getting a permit to drive across into .