Thursday, January 14, 2010
1:20 pm

We received the following email from Pastor :

hope you get this. Yours is the only e-mail I can remember. please send word to everyone who needs to know. you might try responding back to this address, we may be able to check it later.

I can’t get the cell phones to work.

I left Jason and Kelly at the US embassy along with our clear blue guys this morning. They are supposed to be already evacuated to the Dominican Rep. where they can get flights home. I didn’t go with them so I could go put the rig away in a safe place and help Dr. Dan finish up a few things. We are done with that and hopefully will be evacuated tomorrow. been in four wells. Tired of digging through rubble, recovering the injured, sleeping in cars
and dealing with death.

I always say no news is good news and if we get in trouble you will hear. WOW! Sorry. All the Clear Blue folks were out drilling in the open flats when the earth quake hit. it was like looking at the waves on the ocean. Really didn’t want to drive back to FOHO because of what I suspected we would find. All our stuff was in FOHO and it is all collapsed into one level. It is miraculous that anyone survived…not all did.

Tell everyone “hey”