The FMC has responded spectacularly to the Haiti earthquake. Team A has exited Haiti with a clear plan toward recovery; Team B is now in Haiti doing medical work; and the first Team C is scheduled to enter Haiti within a week. Team D’s initial flights were canceled, but new plans have been made to leave for Haiti on February 3.

Because the church is responding in such an strong way – with finances and teams, we have added two short-term employees in Indianapolis, one to help speed the funds to Haiti and another to help speed teams and volunteers to Haiti. The note on the FMWM Web site that stated 100% of donated funds will go directly to Haiti has been removed, so we can use some of the newer donations to fund these short-term employees. This seems right and reasonable, but we wanted to alert you to this development.

Haiti Relief, Recovery and Development Funds
Funds received for Haiti through the Bishops Famine and Relief Fund, Help Haiti Heal fund and Operation Hope will be used for relief, recovery and development purposes in Haiti. Costs to administer these funds will be held to a minimum. All expenditures will be approved through the FMWM Executive Director, Latin America Area Director and Haitian leadership, according to a budget developed in consultation with the Haitian church. These expenditures will be reported through the FMCNA Chief Financial Officer. Give Now!