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I want to share about a 15 year-old orphan boy who had been wandering the streets of Port-au-Prince when the earthquake occurred. His name is Mackendy. He was living off money made by wiping the windows of people stopping at stoplights and slept in the streets. He was thrown to the ground by the quake and fractured his left shoulder. He had no treatment until arriving here two days ago and was in quite a bit of pain. He will be staying with our chaplain, Hyrounce, until next week with his arm in a sling until an orthopedist arrives. The chaplain smiles as he tells how disorderly Mackendy is. He is used to being on his own and doesn’t do anything he is told. Pray that the love he receives while here will touch his heart and we will know what to do after he gets his shoulder fixed.

Many of the people injured in the quake are recovering, and we are not seeing so many now who have not had treatment. We are being kept busy with the usual medical problems of the Dessalines area, only with more of them than usual because of many quake refugees moving here. There has been a fair amount of quite sick people with typhoid fever and malaria and the usual frequent motorcycle accidents.

One of the really hard things to deal with is the increase in begging we are seeing. Many are having trouble finding food especially refugees. I hope some of the Port-au-Prince aid makes its way up here. I am using money I brought with me mainly for medical needs in the hospital and its hard to turn away the many asking for money for food. Generally it’s been the policy here to not give food to people begging on the streets or you will be inundated.

I have some really good news to share. Since I have been here I hadn’t had time to thoroughly evaluate Claire Marthe the witch doctor’s daughter who we treated for cancer last year. That is until today. She is feeling quite well and has gained 30 pounds. The tumor she had secretes human chorionic gonadotropins, which is what is present in the urine with a pregnancy test. So you know the tumor is gone when the pregnancy test becomes negative. We did a pregnancy test today and I began praising God when it came back negative. I reminded her of the time over a year ago when she came forward for the pastor to anoint her with oil and pray for her healing. She is being a real missionary in her community. Last Sunday she brought 4 or 5 children with her to church.

God has been good to us on this trip. Devotions with the chaplain have been especially good. I think our team felt like they got as much out of this trip as they gave to others. I think many of us were learning lessons of depending on God as we were stretched.