Deploying teams to Haiti
A multi-cultural, multi-national team of Free Methodist denominational leaders are currently strategizing how, together as the body of Christ, we will provide disaster relief while keeping everyone’s safety and security in mind. The team’s foremost desire is that our efforts honor our Haitian brothers and sisters by working with them and not around them. Our leaders want to put their best foot forward when you land in Haiti in order to honor your time, talent and the resources invested in the recovery following the aftermath of the earthquake.

The Church needs you; Haiti needs you
Could it be the Lord is calling you to assist in responding to the greatest disaster in the Western Hemisphere? Could it be He had you ready for this moment? If so, know that many people around the world are praying for the efforts you will be contributing to Haiti. May this trip be a blessing for you and to the Haitians who will be impacted by you helping Haitians heal.

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