The Haiti crisis has ignited a new awareness and passion for the urgency of clean, safe water. January 29 a missionary in the Dominican who is helping to take supplies into Haiti said, “This is an acute need! There’s not even bad water in many cases. We are trucking in water (an 8-9 hour drive), and it’s a huge effort just to get the smallest bit.” Another reported, “Frankly, we need water more than we need medical supplies.”

We were looking to purchase a newer Speedstar drilling rig to send to Haiti as our smaller older rig was on its last legs. After drilling a couple more wells in tent cities, the old rig died. The good news is that in the mean time, the newer rig and compressor have been purchased and an agreement reached with the US military to get it shipped to Haiti.

The rig should be in Haiti ready to drill this month. Many helped make this happen but especially Healing Hands International.

Now we need money to go directly to drilling expenses (fuel, casing, bits, pumps, etc.) so that we can get as many wells as possible providing clean water this spring when the need is greatest. We are actively working on getting a shipping container of pumps directly from the manufacturer in India purchased and shipped to Haiti. These pumps are the critical piece for the ongoing delivery of clean water. We can get a limited supply of pumps in Haiti for about $1,000 each but if we buy in quantity directly from the manufacturer we hope to get the price significantly reduced.

Your gifts and prayers, and your willingness to contact others with this urgent and immediate need is vital. Clear Blue is a very lean operation, all volunteer. The gifts going directly to the needs, Please help us keep a steady stream of money going so there is no delay in the life-giving resource.

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We are beginning to see great results from your compassionate and obedient gifts to the cause of clean water through the holidays. We were able to supply the requested funds for the HAITI NEEDS at the current time, and are well on the way for other projects as well.
5 more FRIENDSHIP WELLS are being drilled in Orissa, India, too.

More information can be found at Pictures and video of drilling and more news on this site can be found at .