ICCM schools reopened in several areas around Port-au-Prince on Monday, April 5. Some schools are meeting in churches and rented spaces. Please join us in prayer for all children, teachers, and ICCM support staff for this important restart after the earthquake. ICCM schools outside of the quake area reopened several weeks ago.
· Last week, a team from Asbury Theological Seminary Counseling Department led a 3-day retreat for healing and equipping of school directors, ICCM teacher trainers and pastors. Part of the equipping was for adults to know how to help children with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
· Dr. Cathy Stonehouse led a session on using the story of the Good Shepherd to help ICCM-sponsored children rely on the Shepherd’s protective care.
· ICCM teacher trainers are meeting with ICCM school teachers in their respective areas to share this information this week–both to help teachers deal with their own trauma and to equip them to serve the children’s needs.
· Thank you for your generous donations, prayers and readiness to serve. The road to recovery in Haiti is long, but every prayer, every gift, every step is so important. God bless you!