The Haiti crisis has ignited a new awareness and passion for the urgency of clean, safe water. January 29 a missionary in the Dominican who is helping to take supplies into Haiti said, “This is an acute need! There’s not even bad water in many cases. We are trucking in water (an 8-9 hour drive), and it’s a huge effort just to get the smallest bit.” Another reported, “Frankly, we need water more than we need medical supplies.”

The good news is that drillers and are on the ground in Haiti now, working to supply water to the tent cities around Port au Prince, and still operating schools. The 3 wells the Clear Blue team (led by ) drilled before the earthquake are supplying much needed water in those locations, and we are committed to remain as there are finances to support our work.

Your gifts and prayers, and your willingness to contact others with this urgent and immediate need is vital. Clear Blue is a very lean operation, all volunteer. The gifts going directly to the needs, Please help us keep a steady stream of money going so there is no delay in the life-giving resource. When you give through Clear Blue, you make certain that the recipients get not only water, but the support and presence of godly people who will help them find the Living Water , too. Clear Blue works hand in hand with Free Methodist World Missions.

The need is urgent–at least 30 wells right away, averaging $4000 each. The drill rig is 30+ years old. It has not only seen years of work, but has been through two floods and the earthquake. We have the opportunity to purchase a drill that would keep us going for a long time, and drill countless wells for $200,000,. That requires several large gifts and many smaller ones. It is likely the US military will take care of handling the transportation (a costly issue) if we can purchase it.

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