Update on Injured

’ condition has improved to the point he is being moved from ICU. Pray for his continued physical and emotional healing.

remains in ICU. Pray for her continued physical and emotional healing.

Superintendent Devariste’s wife, who was seriously injured, will be treated in Haiti, rather than in the Dominican Republic as earlier planned.

Follow-up Videos

Two follow-up videos will be available for showing on Sunday, January 24. One video focuses on the church in Haiti; the second focuses on the three missionaries who lost their lives: Rev. , Gene Dufour and . Each video is less than three minutes long. These videos will be posted by Friday, January 29, on www.helphaitiheal.org and on YouTube.

Help Haiti Heal
Give online at: www.helphaitiheal.org
or send checks to:
Bishops Famine and Relief Fund
Free Methodist Church of North America
PO Box 535002
Indianapolis IN 46253-5002

Contact VISA Ministries at conniek@fmcna.org or click on go.fmwm.org.

Participate in the for Haiti, January 27, 2010.