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Relationships: Haiti

  -July 27th, 2010 @ 6:52 am

Relationships are crucial to partnerships. Consider this example from missionary Rick Ireland involving two U.S. teams (from The Journey , CO, and , NY) that worked alongside Haitians to rebuild after the earthquake: “The church at is in a poor community, but each day they fed the U.S. teams both breakfast and lunch. Though it was a real financial sacrifice for this Haitian church, it didn’t stop them from ministering to the people who were ministering to them. If their U.S. brothers and sisters were willing to sacrifice money, time and comfort to help them, they were going to return it as best they could. Each Sunday the U.S. teams drove to for worship. Both teams reported that God showed up in a big way.” Does the prospect of relationships like this stir something in you? Contact ( or 810-836-6527) to discover how you can be involved.

Haiti Recovery Update

  -March 2nd, 2010 @ 10:41 am

Three Brazilian leaders traveled to Mon., March 1, taking donations and tents. Venezuela also joined the countries sending an offering for the relief and recovery efforts.

Your funds at work:

  1. Emergency funds are being used to purchase rice and oil to supplement distributions of free items acquired from various aid organizations.
  2. A large number of doses to immunize for tetanus and typhoid have been acquired.
  3. Resources are being used to relocate pastors and others who are living in refugee camps where people are surrounded by filth and the potential for disease is great. Three areas have been identified to set up secure camps with adequate sanitation.
  4. Through the work of the , 80 shelterboxes will be received soon. These tents are larger and sturdier than many of the tents pastors currently have.
  5. Plans are underway for demolition of FM churches and schools that cannot be repaired. These buildings pose a major safety threat if not demolished as soon as possible.
  6. Grants are being made available to demolish and/or build temporary homes before the hurricane season.

Continue to pray for the Leadership Consultation taking place through Thurs., March 4 to strategize, pray and chart a course for the maturing Haitian Church.

Pray for these individuals currently ministering in Haiti:

Free Methodist Personnel Update

  -January 16th, 2010 @ 7:19 pm


and (Arlington FMC, Arlington WA) remain in ICU in a Miami hospital. Both continue to improve. Katie was on a 2 year VISA assignment which began September 2009.  She was assisting Rev. in day-to-day ministry and helping with hospitality at the FOHO Guesthouse.

Dan and DeeAnn Snyder

DeeAnn Snyder has arrived safely in Michigan. Dan is expected to arrive late this evening. James, their son who was with them in , returns to his college in the U.S. this evening.

VSIA Ministries Volunteers

Among the Free Methodists serving in Haiti at the time of the earthquake were several VISA Ministries volunteers. , , , and , part of the Clear Blue Global Water Project from the Cornerstone FMC (Akron, OH), returned home safely late yesterday evening.

Working in conjunction with the Clear Blue team, Rev. and from Cornerstone (Pendelton, OR) and from the Deer Flat FMC (Caldwell, ID) are expected to arrive in Seattle this evening.

Russ and Sherrie Cole from the Quincy FMC (Quincy, WA), who have been in Haiti since November helping with guesthouse management/hospitality, bookkeeping and maintenance, depart from Miami on Monday.

Update from Yvonne Roller

  -January 16th, 2010 @ 7:45 am

Fervently praying friends,

Some of you have prayed through the night. Many of you are led by the Holy Spirit to pray throughout the day. God is at work. God is ALL for all (yes, each one) in all (absolutely every situation.) Praise and thanks to our Lord!

He is at work in your life, and He is at work in .

Imagine the emotion with each phone call:

A cell phone connection is established with Haitian General Superintendent . He reports Assistant Pastor was able to connect at FOHO ( Friends of Haiti Organization) site with and who traveled in a convoy with World Vision to . Andy is shooting video as events unfold.

Pastor reports the Clear Blue team returned safely to Cleveland last night.

PNW Superintendent calls from Miami with a report of continued recuperation for and .

A vital e-mail from Superintendent reports:
Pastor Devariste’s wife needs medical attention; their house was greatly affected.
Gardy is OK.
Pastor Pierre P. was saved miraculously, but church collapsed.
Pastor Zamor is OK but damage was sustained to house and church.
Pastor Innocent’s wife died.
Many church members are unaccounted for.

and FMWM team call stateside government officials working for excavation of . Calls are being dispatched and received in rapid succession.

Local affiliates interview to learn of hometown residents affected. May Christ be glorified to learn of their commitment to Jesus!

Phone connection was established with missionaries and . They arrived in Miami after many hours of waiting in the U.S. Embassy evacuation lounge in Haiti.

Hours later, a phone call came from VISA volunteer , while riding on the bus to the Dominican Republic after her evacuation.

A long-awaited call came from Dr. , and Pastor that they’ve arrived in the Dominican Republic after driving through Haiti.

In the wee hours of the morning, phone communication takes place with attempting to rendezvous today with Andy Yardy, Samuel Luna and Haitian FM church leadership. Only as Emmanuel is with them will this be accomplished today.

And now a phone call comes from in Santo Domingo! Sherri Cole is with her in the car. They are riding to meet her husband Russ Cole, Dr. Dan Snyder, Pastor Arron Swenson, and –coming together from three different locations.

Countless scraps of paper of feverishly written notes by phones and computers in Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Washington, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Virginia, Idaho, Canada, South Africa, etc. You can imagine your FMC family in orchestration.

always signs her communication, “For His Kingdom to fully come to Haiti.” Let it be so.


An update 1/13/10 3:05pm

  -January 13th, 2010 @ 9:27 pm

This from

As far as we have heard it looks like and have been evacuated and are at Guantanamo Bay.

I’m copying a letter sent from Dan Synder

We are writing with tragic .

The new collapsed totally. , and his friend Gene who arrived today are all unaccounted for. Erlin who works at FOHO is also unaccounted for. We are not able to do anything more but are trying to get assistance to return to keep looking for them..

Katie Zook was pulled out of the basement after several hours of searching and seems to be ok. She is at the UN hospital with probable pulmonary contusions and possible back injury. Jack Munos was pulled out after 6 hours and probably has a broken hand, broken foot, possible fractured leg. We brought him to the Embassy as the UN refused to let me in with further injured. He is being treated and stabilized here. I am hoping to medivac both of them out in the a.m. The embassy is being exceedingly helpful and it may be we will have marine medivacs available. I THINK IT WOULD BE WISE TO START THE PROCESS OF PLANNING FOR A MEDIVAC USING OUR EVACUATION IMG INSURANCE PROGRAM. I WILL CONTINUE TO SEE IF PAP AIRPORT WILL BE OPEN IN THE A.M. I WILL ALSO CONTINUE TO SEE IF THE EMBASSY WILL BE ABLE TO ASSIST WITH THIS.

All of the Clear Blue team are safe. They had left for Gonaives and returned and are helping still with clearing rubble at FOHO.

Both the U.N. and the Embassy are telling me that they expect civil disorder to erupt. DD and I walked from Vivey Michel to FOHO and there are buildings down everywhere. Phones are out and we will only be able to communicate as the embassy lets us use their system.WE WILL CHECK THE EMAIL AT LEAST IN THE A.M.

Dan, Dee Ann, are not injured.

sustained a laceration to his leg but other than that he and Sherri are OK.

Contact information and more information can be found at

Update from Free Methodist World Missions

  -January 13th, 2010 @ 5:44 pm

A major earthquake struck just off the coast of late this afternoon, January 12. According to reports, the 7.0 quake has caused major damage in the capital city, .

Please urgently pray for all those impacted by this disaster. We will provide Hotline updates as soon as reports are received as to the welfare of  missionaries, church members and children sponsored through .

Missionaries serving in Haiti include:


Jack Munos and Jeanne Acheson-Munos

Dan and DeeAnn Snyder and James


Russell and Sherrie Cole

Steve and (VISA Affiliates)

Other VISA Personnel

The 79 Free Methodist Haitian churches have a total membership of 14,642.

International Child Care Ministries sponsors more than 4,000 children in Haiti. ICCM has 53 schools across the island nation, many in or near Port-au-Prince. ICCM Haitian offices are in Port-au-Prince.

Haiti Earthquake

  -January 12th, 2010 @ 10:40 am

A major earthquake struck just off the coast of late this afternoon, January 12. According to reports, the 7.0 quake has caused major damage in the capital city, .

Please urgently pray for all those impacted by this disaster. We will provide Hotline updates as soon as reports are received as to the welfare of missionaries, church members and children sponsored through .

Missionaries serving in Haiti include: and , Dan and DeeAnn Snyder, (VISA) and Steve and (VISA Affiliates).

The 79 Free Methodist Haitian churches have a total membership of 14,642.

International Child Care Ministries sponsors more than 4,000 children in Haiti. ICCM has 53 schools across the island nation, many in or near Port-au-Prince. ICCM Haitian offices are in Port-au-Prince.