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Clear Blue Project – Well Equipment

  -February 9th, 2010 @ 8:36 am

The crisis has ignited a new awareness and passion for the urgency of clean, safe water. January 29 a missionary in the Dominican who is helping to take supplies into said, “This is an acute need! There’s not even bad water in many cases. We are trucking in water (an 8-9 hour drive), and it’s a huge effort just to get the smallest bit.” Another reported, “Frankly, we need water more than we need medical supplies.”

The good news is that drillers and are on the ground in Haiti now, working to supply water to the tent cities around Port au Prince, and still operating schools. The 3 wells the Clear Blue team (led by ) drilled before the earthquake are supplying much needed water in those locations, and we are committed to remain as there are finances to support our work.

Your gifts and prayers, and your willingness to contact others with this urgent and immediate need is vital. Clear Blue is a very lean operation, all volunteer. The gifts going directly to the needs, Please help us keep a steady stream of money going so there is no delay in the life-giving resource. When you give through Clear Blue, you make certain that the recipients get not only water, but the support and presence of godly people who will help them find the Living Water , too. Clear Blue works hand in hand with Free Methodist World Missions.

The need is urgent–at least 30 wells right away, averaging $4000 each. The drill rig is 30+ years old. It has not only seen years of work, but has been through two floods and the earthquake. We have the opportunity to purchase a drill that would keep us going for a long time, and drill countless wells for $200,000,. That requires several large gifts and many smaller ones. It is likely the US military will take care of handling the transportation (a costly issue) if we can purchase it.

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More information can be found at

Update 9 Feb 2010

  -February 9th, 2010 @ 8:23 am

was able to be moved to a Seattle area hospital on Friday, February 5, where she will continue her recovery.

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Tents, Thanks & Possibilities

  -February 2nd, 2010 @ 2:15 pm

Last week, Director wrote a reflection about the need for tents. A number of people responded and tents have been delivered and more are on the way. Thanks! Tents provide essential temporary housing for Haitians in the quake-damaged areas of the country. In addition to tents, more Sawyer water filters ($50 per) and food is needed. Free Methodist well-drillers and are drilling for water in the refugee camps right now. One church in England has already committed to partner with a Haitian FM church to help rebuild a quake-damaged ICCM school. ICCM is responding to priority relief, recovery and rebuilding needs through our Special Projects Fund. and Ministries is inviting folks to consider going to to serve in partnership with Haitian church recovery plans. If you’re considering this, please complete a response/registration form for volunteer service in Haiti.

We encourage you to view frequent updates about Free Methodist responses and mobilization for recovery at and follow us on Twitter at

Haiti Relief Team Update

  -February 2nd, 2010 @ 9:41 am

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FM pastors are distributing food and water to their members. Jean Marc Zamor and Rick Ireland are encouraging the pastors to share a portion of that aid with non-FM neighbors.

Port-au-Prince Report #5

  -January 27th, 2010 @ 9:33 am

Tuesday evening, January 26, 2010
Report #5
Reported by John Hay, , ICCM Director of Advancement

Free Methodist Haitian Earthquake Response Team #2 concluded its mission on Monday and returned to Santo Domingo, , on Tuesday to brief Team #3. Team #3 makes the seven-hour drive to Port-au-Prince on Wednesday, January 27, with more relief supplies, a well-drilling team, logistics experts and (ICCM) leaders.

The Tuesday evening briefing between the two teams yielded a sobering assessment of conditions in Port-au-Prince. “What you see on TV is not true; it is much worse,” one team member said. Another reflected: “It is so overwhelming, you cannot put words to it.” The team described people living in tent villages on every available open space, calling out for water and food, and afraid to go inside buildings and homes that are still standing.

They also described heroic efforts of rescue and people sharing with each other the food and water they are able to access. An informal economy is beginning to supply essential needs even as the formal economy of the city struggles to come back online. “The people of Port-au-Prince are still in shock,” one team member declared.

Structural engineer inspected ten ICCM schools, along with churches and homes, with the assistance of Haitian ICCM and church leaders. Many schools and FM church facilities will need to be rebuilt in the months and years ahead. The task ahead is immense, but the faith of many in the Haitian Free Methodist Church is strong.

Response Team #2 was also able to restore electricity to the ICCM office so it can serve as a center for helping schools across the country resume classes as soon as feasible.

Team #3 will begin its service on Wednesday, January 27. The team includes well-drillers and . They will attempt to find water that will be a life-giving resource for many. Two team members will focus on logistics for relief and recovery teams going to over the next several months. ICCM Director Linda Adams and ICCM I will work with the Haitian ICCM staff, visiting schools, finding ICCM-sponsored children, and distributing supplies.

VISA Teams Update

  -January 26th, 2010 @ 8:20 am

A medical team left Sat., Jan. 23, for . They have based their ministry out of . , former missionary to Haiti, is coordinating this effort.

A consultant team of professionals will be going into on Wed., Jan. 27. Departure dates from Haiti will vary depending on their tasks. Team members include , newly-appointed missionary to Haiti; and , of ; , retired Army Special Forces; and and who will be drilling wells under the auspices of the U.S. military.

Spring Arbor FMC, MI, is sending a team of 13 to assist with the relief efforts in Haiti, Jan. 31 to Feb. 14. Team leaders are and .

Additional information about teams including how you can participate can be found at