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Update from Yvonne Roller

  -January 16th, 2010 @ 7:45 am

Fervently praying friends,

Some of you have prayed through the night. Many of you are led by the Holy Spirit to pray throughout the day. God is at work. God is ALL for all (yes, each one) in all (absolutely every situation.) Praise and thanks to our Lord!

He is at work in your life, and He is at work in .

Imagine the emotion with each phone call:

A cell phone connection is established with Haitian General Superintendent . He reports Assistant Pastor was able to connect at FOHO () site with and who traveled in a convoy with World Vision to . Andy is shooting video as events unfold.

Pastor reports the Clear Blue team returned safely to Cleveland last night.

PNW Superintendent calls from Miami with a report of continued recuperation for and .

A vital e-mail from Superintendent reports:
Pastor Devariste’s wife needs medical attention; their house was greatly affected.
Gardy is OK.
Pastor Pierre P. was saved miraculously, but church collapsed.
Pastor Zamor is OK but damage was sustained to house and church.
Pastor Innocent’s wife died.
Many church members are unaccounted for.

and FMWM team call stateside government officials working for excavation of . Calls are being dispatched and received in rapid succession.

Local news affiliates interview to learn of hometown residents affected. May Christ be glorified to learn of their commitment to Jesus!

Phone connection was established with missionaries and . They arrived in Miami after many hours of waiting in the U.S. Embassy evacuation lounge in Haiti.

Hours later, a phone call came from VISA volunteer , while riding on the bus to the Dominican Republic after her evacuation.

A long-awaited call came from Dr. , and Pastor that they’ve arrived in the Dominican Republic after driving through Haiti.

In the wee hours of the morning, phone communication takes place with attempting to rendezvous today with Andy Yardy, Samuel Luna and Haitian FM church leadership. Only as Emmanuel is with them will this be accomplished today.

And now a phone call comes from in Santo Domingo! Sherri Cole is with her in the car. They are riding to meet her husband Russ Cole, Dr. Dan Snyder, Pastor Arron Swenson, and –coming together from three different locations.

Countless scraps of paper of feverishly written notes by phones and computers in Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Washington, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Virginia, Idaho, Canada, South Africa, etc. You can imagine your FMC family in orchestration.

always signs her communication, “For His Kingdom to fully come to Haiti.” Let it be so.


Newest Update from Bishop Roller

  -January 14th, 2010 @ 8:27 pm

Dear Friends,

We continue to be in prayer for our Haitian brothers and sisters in crisis. Here are some recent developments:

►  and were airlifted from Guantanamo Bay last night because their conditions were deemed more serious than originally thought. They arrived in Miami early this morning. Pacific Northwest Superintendent is at the hospital and reports both are doing well. They are in ICU but alert. Both have been suffered quite a bit of trauma but “we can be encouraged that God is answering prayer.” Katie’s family is now at the hospital and has been a great encouragement to her. I was able to speak to Jack for a few moments by phone and encourage him with, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Jack asks us to not give up hope on Jeanne even though he recognizes her rescue would require a miracle.

► The World Missions team, together with the Board of Bishops, are working to produce a short video for use in FM churches on Sunday. Please reserve a couple of minutes in your services to project this video. I (Bishop Roller) will be the face of the video but will be representing the broad spectrum of Free Methodists with ministry in . Remember that , Clear Blue Global Water Project, FOHO (work teams), and other FM-related ministries will be involved in our response. Please alert ministries to connect with us before developing independent plans.

► We are working to put together an exploratory team to travel to Haiti and connect with the Haitian church leaders. We will rely heavily on the wisdom of the Haitian church to create a response strategy and action plan. We also are working to make connections with other denominations and NGOs to participate in a coordinated response. We anticipate this exploratory team will provide a fuller assessment of the needs, as well as the best way for North-American teams to respond over the next months.

The next weeks and months will be filled with uncertainty and grief. At the same time, we know God will redeem and heal. He will make sense out what appears random and cruel. There will be opportunities for Haiti to be rebuilt as a new Haiti. Soon, unprecedented opportunities will open up in Haiti for the church to participate in building safer and better housing, more reliable infrastructure and a more just society. The Haitian FMC, which has always been intrinsically wholistic, will need our partnership. Get ready.


To respond:
► Online:

► Check: Help Haiti Heal, PO Box 535002, Indianapolis, IN 46253-5002

Pray for:
► the safe rescue of Jeanne, Merle, Gene and our many Haitian friends who are unaccounted for.
► physical healing for Jack Munos and Katie Zook.
► safe evacuation of the VISA volunteers and mission families who need to leave.
► emotional healing for the missionary team and for the Haitians as they face this overwhelming trauma.
► the exploratory team to arrive safely. Pray they will have wisdom and discernment as they assist the Haitian church to create a response strategy and action plan.
► the pastors as they attempt to comfort and lead their people (19 full FM churches and 12 church plants are located in the greater area).
► relief supplies to reach Haitians.
► word concerning the welfare of Haitian ICCM staff and 1,867 ICCM-sponsored children participating in 16 schools in the Port-au-Prince area.
► the thousands of ICCM-sponsored children and their families who have been impacted.

The Free Methodist Church in Haiti
► 73 full churches
► 28 church plants
► More than 8,900 children sponsored through International Child Care Ministries
► 86 ordained elders
► 15 conference ministerial candidates
► 85 local pastors
► 11,643 full members
► 2,229 preparatory members
► 1,727 junior members
► 15,599 grand total members
► 12,720 average attendance
► 117 primary schools / 22,122 students
► 20 secondary schools / 2,859 students
► 11 dispensaries
► 1 hospital

Embassy Report on Current Situation in Haiti
Most roads in Port-au-Prince and its surrounding area have been rendered inaccessible, further complicating relief efforts in the region. Electricity, water and telecommunication services remain severely disrupted.

Looting has been reported in some areas, though this has been limited. However, the security situation in the city is being complicated by the population’s dissatisfaction with the provision of aid and other essential services in the worst affected areas. Fears exist that widespread civil unrest and looting may occur as thousands of the quake survivors look for fresh water and food. This will be directly linked to the ability of authorities and relief workers to distribute supplies across the city.

There is a growing concern that criminal gangs in the city may take advantage of the lack of security forces on the streets. Authorities have emphasized the risk posed by armed bandits, gangs, and other criminal groups along roads and areas on the outskirts of the capital.

After sustaining damage, the Toussaint Louverture International Airport, just outside Port-au-Prince, has been closed indefinitely to commercial flights. It has one operational runway, but this is being used for relief efforts only.

Haiti’s second major airport, Cap Haitien International Airport, located approximately 185km north of Port-au-Prince, was not affected by the earthquake but has been commandeered by security forces for use by relief and aid services. All commercial flights to the airport remain suspended.