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Haiti – Review of Activity from Rick Ireland

  -March 16th, 2010 @ 8:42 am
  • We arranged for a distribution out of the that impacted 700 families and an distribution out of the Delmas 53 church that impacted an additional 700 families. Both of these were arranged by Jean Marc Zamor who is leading the Haitian relief effort under the direction of a steering committee appointed by the Haitian Board of Superintendents.
  • We distributed food and other supplies to 3,054 church members, employees, FOHO employees and other mission staff.
  • Money has been given to the West and South District superintendents to meet food, water and medical needs of the churches in the impact area. We have specifically asked the superintendents and pastors to see that both churched and un-churched people benefit.
  • We have run three vaccination campaigns in three different locations, vaccinating 646 people against the diseases that will soon begin to rear their heads. The vaccine came from the government, the labor from church volunteers.
  • We held a free medical clinic in , staffed by Free Methodist Haitian doctors and nurses (a first), that treated more than 200 people. Additional clinics are planned. The supplies came from other aid groups, the labor from church volunteers.
  • We gathered and trained children’s workers from churches in the West and South Districts, and set up safe play areas where children can step out of misery and have fun. We have discovered that even before the formal effort, many churches were already impacting their community with children’s programming. Through both donated money and items acquired from other aid groups, we are working to actively enhance this effort which has an impact vastly greater than the local churches themselves.
  • We arranged for a team of engineers to begin the process of evaluating church properties, schools and pastors’ homes. Additional teams are being planned.
  • With the help of and of International Child Care Ministries, 230,000 meals will be distributed to the impact area. We are specifically targeting the churches in communities that have had little or no access to aid. Sadly, there are too many of those.
  • We have scheduled training (by Asbury Seminary staff) for pastors and church leaders designed to help them with the trauma of recent events so they can help the people they serve. This training will happen at the end of March.
  • We have had a leadership summit with key Haitian and U.S. leaders to both review the relief effort and to look toward the future of the U.S./Haitian Church relationship.
  • We have begun funding grants to assist pastors to demolish homes and build temporary shelters (something more than a tent) until more permanent housing solutions can happen. Pastors who have land are already offering space to their landless colleagues to get them out of sub-standard tent communities. We are also exploring the possibility of establishing temporary communities to get people out of unsafe camps.
  • We are now able to wire money into the Mission bank account and write checks on it. A team is currently here in rebuilding the financial system from 1/1/2010 so we will have accurate and up-to-date financial reporting.
  • Teams have reroofed the church at , done repair work at church and repaired the church at . They are currently working on both the church and school at Greffin.

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Will Revival Happen First in Haiti?

  -February 26th, 2010 @ 7:28 am

A reflection after three days of national prayer and fasting in from International Child Care Ministries publication ‘Tuesday’s Child’

grew up as a sponsored child through (ICCM) of the Free Methodist Church. He now serves as Field Coordinator for ICCM in Haiti, with responsibility for 53 schools, over 8,900 sponsored children and 20 staff members. Mondale is in his early thirties. He lost everything in the earthquake and now lives in a tent. His immediate family is safe, but a brother-in-law perished in the quake; other family members were injured. Last week, he sent the following remarkable, insightful e-mail.

“What a wonderful God we serve!

“As you heard, my nation had 3 days fasting. [Sunday, February 14] was the last day. If you could be here to see the desire of the Haitian people seeking God’s presence…I know that God has something to do with my brothers and sisters in Haiti.

“Before Jesus comes back, there will be a great revival, and we have the feeling this will happen in Haiti first. Haitian people must be united in one Spirit. There will be a New Haiti soon. God will do what is impossible for man.

“Now, it is the time for one to accept the other whoever he is and whatever he possesses. Those people considered as poor, and those they consider as rich–right now, there is no one rich and no one poor. Everybody is sleeping outdoors together. We have learned to share even our tent, small as it is. There is no place for selfishness, and of course in that condition, we cannot be selfish.

“Haitian people have learned a good lesson of life. There are still wicked and criminals. For those, only God can change their heart. Many people have come to Christ, some emotionally, others truly. One way or another, God has been glorified. We praise Him!”

International Child Care Ministries in Haiti

  -February 16th, 2010 @ 8:50 am

A Free Methodist earthquake response team, including ICCM Director and Director of Advancement John Hay, Jr., were in Jan. 25 to Feb. 1. They delivered supplies, including Sawyer water filters, for earthquake victims. They met with Haitian ICCM staff and assessed damage to ICCM schools and other facilities so plans and priorities for repair and rebuilding can be made. Accounting for 1,687 ICCM-sponsored children in the area is a high priority for the Haitian ICCM team. As hundreds of thousands of people are scattered in refugee camps and across the Haitian countryside and beyond, this is tedious task.

Please pray for Haitian ICCM Field Coordinator and all who are both bearing the trauma of the earthquake and its aftermath, as well as the responsibility to find children and prepare for schools to reopen on March 12.

Haiti Oversight

  -February 12th, 2010 @ 9:22 am

Dr. Delia Nuesch-Olver oversees all our FMWM missionaries and work in Latin American including . She and co-chair the Response Team which is led by Pastor John Marc Zamor of with missionary Rick Ireland as administrator. Larry and , members of FOHO (Friends of ) provide logistical support and Dr. oversees FM work at .

The team of seven in Haiti who are overseeing relief, recovery and development efforts include: John Marc Zamor; Rick Ireland; Haitian superintendents , and ; Haiti ICCM Field Coordinator and .

International Child Care Ministries – Special Bulletin #5

  -January 19th, 2010 @ 10:33 am

from International Child Care Ministries

Updates from

News continues to trickle about ICCM staff, friends, facilities, and conditions in the area of Haiti affected by last Tuesday’s 7.0 earthquake. Here is a synopsis of news about ICCM concerns to date:

- ICCM Field Coordinator is alive and unharmed. However, he, like most, have lost everything and are living in temporary shelters.

- Many other Haitian church leaders and ICCM staff have been found alive. All Haitian Free Methodist superintendents in the affected area are alive and well. Photo: Bishop Roller with several Haitian church members

- ICCM sponsors over 8,900 children in Haiti,1,867 of which live in the area. Specific information about their safety is still not accessible.

- The ICCM Office, FM Church and ICCM School (), all located together in Port-au-Prince, are damaged but standing. We do not know about ICCM’s 52 other school buildings across the island.

- The Friends Of Haiti Organization (FOHO) building, adjacent to these other facilities, collapsed.

- VISA volunteer and missionary were rescued from the rubble of the FOHO building within a few hours. Both are in ICU but stable and improving in Miami, Florida area hospitals. ICCM Director has been making personal visits to Katie and Jack.

Jeanne with Vanderlin- Missionary , and were in the FOHO building when it collapsed but their bodies have not been recovered after nearly a week of rescue efforts. They are considered missing and presumed not alive. We grieve deeply with their families and friends. Jeanne, from Indianapolis and known to many in our ICCM office, was a tireless advocate for Haitian children and real ambassador for ICCM.

- U.S. Free Methodist visited the site of the collapsed FOHO facility on Saturday. After rescue efforts ended, Bishop Roller held a brief memorial service for Jeanne, Merle and Gene. When it is possible to recover their remains, these will buried near the site. Video excerpts of that memorial service at at this link.

- Bishop Roller delivered needed relief supplies at ICCM School HA500, which has been used as a relief shelter site. He spoke words of encouragement and solidarity to many Free Methodists and friends who gathered.

- Free Methodist Media Director was with Bishop Roller in Haiti and is returning to the U.S. today with insightful video, some of which is posted at the Free Methodist Haiti response website:

How You Can Help

Please continue to join us in vigilant prayer for all who are affected by and responding to this natural disaster. May Christ’s love be conveyed in unsurpassed ways in the response.

ICCM is responding to this crisis through our Special Projects Fund. All donations to this fund at this time are being directed to and recovery (unless otherwise designated).

Relief supplies of water, Sawyer water filters, medical supplies, and food have already been delivered by Free Methodists. More is on the way and even more will be needed.

The Free Methodist Church is continuing to mobilize its response resources to be part of what is becoming a global compassionate relief effort.

You can follow developments, learn more about Free Methodist responses, our cooperation with other relief and recovery efforts, and consider personal involvement at

ICCM is Twittering immediate updates on the situation in Haiti at

ICCM will continue to send updates via this special “ICCM Bulletin” to the sponsors and friends for whom we have e-mail addresses. You may also check our website – – for information and other ways you can respond.