, part of the first medical team at written to her church family – New Covenant FMC, Clio, MI

Bonjour from Haiti,

I would like to tell everyone what my days are like here:

We get up at about 6 a.m. We are fortunate to have water in the building and wash each day. Our team support staff, Denise, has already been up preparing a breakfast of toast and oatmeal with coffee. We discuss our goals for the day, individually and as a team. We are at the hospital for worship by 8 a.m. The service is in Creole and is organized by prayer topic; Monday the service is to pray and give thanks for missionaries in the field. Then we go to our specific clinic or job for the day. At 12:30 p.m. we again walk about three blocks distance, with children running at our feet, for our main meal of the day.

It is hard to see the hunger, even starvation, people are suffering in the hospital and on our walks. We are blessed. We walk back to the hospital and work until the clinics and follow-up care are completed, sometimes after dark. The streets are lit by small fires, candles and oil lamps. Only about four buildings in the whole town have electricity after dark. The nurses work with flash lights most of the night as the generator is only used for emergencies and surgeries. We appreciate the beauty of the stars and the moon. Many nights we have visitors to share our sandwiches and fruit. We have a group meeting. We pray, look to God’s Word and seek guidance and wisdom – solutions for meeting the complex needs of the hospital and community. The team is working on recommendations and a strategic plan to maintain the valuable health resource.

Most nights there is singing and music in the streets until the wee hours, even into the morning. Our fellow Christians in Haiti are the best examples of Christ’s love I have witnessed. An example is a couple at the hospital that have taken in an orphan from Port-au-Prince with severe shoulder injuries. They are both working but have no income. They have their own children at home. They are living on faith. This is a common story here now.

Please continue your support. Have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.